The Grand Theatre…Is a live performance theater for the benefit of the tri-state area.  Our goal  is to provide quality entertainment and an event space for Keokuk and it’s neighbors.  The Grand Theatre is one of seven historic theaters in Iowa.  Step back into the 1920’s and experience the beauty of our theater.

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  1. It is so awesome that you are listing upcoming events at the theater. I put them in the Up&Out calendar for The Hawk Eye.
    Do you have any more information about the Iowa Supreme Court being at the theater Sept. 19. Do you have a time yet or any other details? thank you. 🙂

  2. Hi

    My name is Ian Miller and I am producing a vaudeville style touring show for Humanities Iowa in association with Satyrus Jeering.

    We are looking to book a stop at The Grande Theater and hope to find a Saturday in November or December that will work.

    My number is 515-864-9832

    Thank you!

    Ian Miller
    Satyrus Jeering

  3. Do you do any plays for new actors? I’m a senior in high school and I do not go to keokuk. I would like to give it a try!

      1. Hi
        I would like to see Susan Werner perform at your facility.  She tours throughout the country and I believe a few years ago did have a concert at your facility.
        A little about Susan —  and you can see her on Utube.  Her concert schedule is on her Website and Facebook.  She grew up in Iowa, went to Iowa U and a Masters in Voice at Temple.  She had visions of being an opera singer but was told that her voice was not strong enough.  Instead, she found the folk scene and has continued her music career along those lines, but changing over time with different concept albums. 
        Recently she was the tour leader for Inishfree Music Tours in Ireland in 2018 and 2019.  In late summer 2020 she is hosting a Fan Club Cruise in the Mediterranean
        She sings, plays the guitar,  piano and writes all of her own music and lyrics.  Her music varies from gospel, folk, jazz and “unnecessary songs”.  Her latest CD is NOLA, done in the style of New Orleans jazz.  Previously she did one in the style of Cuban music —  AN AMERICAN IN HAVANA. The Lied Center in Lincoln commissioned her to do songs about farms and farming — HAYSEED. She played the Rococo Theater in Lincoln in January of this year and at the Krannert Center at the University of Illinois in 2018.
        Some of her concerts are solo.  Some she has additional musicians.  She has had a Cuban born drummer for AN AMERICAN IN HAVANA.   Lately it has been a horn player for her NOLA music.  She really needs no other musician as she can rock the audience by herself.
        I would love to go to a Susan Werner concert in your location.  I’m sure that there are many others who follow her that would come also.  If you need info regarding promotion and advertising you could contact any number of her previous gig locations, including Cedar Rapids, Marion Urbana Ill etc.   I have no idea of the cost but you can contact, her manager, Patty at
        I would love to talk to you about this proposed concert.  My phone number is 402-290-3605.  
        Thanks for you consideration of this matter.
        Margaret Lawse

        1. The Grand Theatre is a rental facility only. We do no ticketing or promotion other than posting your event on our website and facebook page. If you would like to sponsor and event, I can send you the particulars. You might also contact the Keokuk Tourism Bureau. They sometimes sponsor events with us. I will forward your letter to them. If you would like to phone them, their number is 319-524-5599. Kirk Brandenberger is the director. Thank you for your interest on our historic theater.

          Dianne Stanley, manager

  4. Hello,
    I would like to make a memorial gift honoring Nancy Martin to the Grand Theater. Who would I send a check to? I couldn’t find a “contact us” area on the web page.

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